Real Estate Agent Relationships: Peggy Whalen and Mary Arnerich-King

Want to know what it’s like for two real estate agents to work together amicably and successfully through the ups and downs of work and life? 


The secret to Peggy and Mary's partnership is a deep understanding of human emotions and the desired outcome of the emotions. Their partnership started with a sense of support, optimism, and collaboration. They were both individually supportive and had hopes of a great partnership, with the motivation and belief that with a partnership things could be better for our career, clients, and families.


They know that everyone has lots of things going on in their lives but felt creating a partnership would inspire them to clearly visualize the process of achieving their goals and their client’s goals. As Peggy and Mary’s relationship has evolved, they are grounded in the unwavering belief in the integrity of their goals and the values they both share, and the desired purpose of how they can best get the desired outcome for their clients, agents, and each other without an ego attached.


Peggy and Mary base their worth and significance on the big picture. Which is key.


To them, there is nothing more inspiring and rewarding than continued motivation with how the other person can shine in their own importance and contribution. This changes with every deal they do!


They strive to build a relationship that is collaborative, loyal, and solid. That may mean it's best to co-partner with another agent for their clients’ best out-come with one partner taking the lead and the other partner in a supportive role, or a similar outcome with their mutually shared clients. 


Mary and Peggy strive to be equals, understanding and respecting each other's strengths and weaknesses, trying to focus more on solutions, not problems, and committed to being open to communicating to keep things together. Communication is so important!


They understand that things happen inside and outside of their partnership, and they are cognizant of the impacts that they may have on them as they try to maintain the right relationship with each other. Keeping an open mind is essential because sometimes one partner may be pulling the weight, while the other has family or life issues to attend to. But ensuring that their clients always are first is paramount.


Peggy and Mary allow each other a certain amount of openness and personal freedom to rise in their business goals, while also promoting competition and reward achievement goals. Naturally, they keep trying to prove their significance to each other and those around them.


Basically, they try to be a catalyst for each of them to grow and succeed, allowing them the freedom to have innovative ideas and flexibility with one another’s ideas.


Having said all that, truth is vital for openness. And they know that having a partner can be rewarding but also challenging. There are times when they both have to adapt to things that bother them or to particular moments when the emotional state of the other partner may not be on the same page. But, they adapt and work in any setting without complaint, knowing it’s a matter of time before things change and the relationship work is balanced again.


The bottom line is that they both believe their partnership is based in the act of service, not selfishness. No one person does all the work, nor do they seek more recognition than the other. Peggy and Mary believe in a collaborative effort that comes directly from the efforts of each individual contributing to the whole. 


In the end, they are in the business of service, in helping others achieve their goals and being humble. Peggy and Mary are two strong individuals striving to support, collaborate and have a dynamic relationship where they are all striving towards a shared success, the success of their clients, and the ability to provide for their families.

They know that some things don’t last forever, but are committed to their partnership, clients, and creating the perfect partnership for Dream Big Homes as long as they can!


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Whether you are dreaming big or small; our wealth of knowledge and experience along with our collaboration of ideas and strategies allows us to serve our clients better. Buying or selling your home can be an emotional experience. We enjoy what we do, We enjoy working for our clients. We enjoy the positive outcomes we have achieved. “We’ve never dreamed about success, we have worked hard for it”. We would love to work for you.
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