Decorating Ideas to Ready Your Home for the Holidays

Decorating Ideas to Ready Your Home for the Holidays

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday season for us has always been the decorations - the lights, bows, wreaths, ribbons, and everything else that symbolizes the holidays. For many people, decorating for the holidays has become its own tradition - it can also be a great form of personal expression and sentiment. 

Being in the real estate industry, we know how smaller changes/additions can often make a big impact on a home's appearance. You can still “go big” without overdoing it. Additionally, you may find intriguing ways to incorporate personal touches and your current decor into your ideas for holiday decorations. 
A Few Holiday Decorating Ideas:
1️⃣ Use garland, ribbons, and/or ball ornaments to incorporate your artwork into your holiday decor plan. And you don’t necessarily have to stick with the “tried and true” holiday colors - mix up the palette to emphasize your favorite shades.
2️⃣ Think outside the “box” with your tree stand and opt for a large decorative planter instead. You may also have a large vase that could serve the same purpose.
3️⃣ Make “simple” centerpieces with glass ball ornaments, some green garland, and a serving bowl or tray - this is a lovely way to use your own dinnerware/serving dishes in your holiday decor.
4️⃣ Use embellished gift tags and holiday cards as extra decorations with garland - a great idea for a fireplace mantle and/or shelves. 
5️⃣ A lovely centerpiece/mantle decoration idea is to fill clear vases or glasses with ball ornaments, ribbon, fresh garland, and/or pine cones. If you want to add a fresh aroma to your decorations, you can also make small bundles of thyme, rosemary, and bay leaf to incorporate with other items.
6️⃣ Another way to unique-if your holiday decorations is to “frame” ornaments, ribbon, and/or wrapping paper: hang glass ornament(s) from the hanger of an empty frame. You can also decorate the open space of a hanging empty frame. 
7️⃣ Replace the candles on your candelabras with ornaments, pine cones, and/or holiday flowers (like poinsettias) 
Mary & Peggy’s Holiday Must-Haves:
We both love to decorate our homes for the holidays - it flexes our creativity and also gives us a chance to show off personal traditions that only get to shine during the holiday season. 
Mary: My favorite holiday decorating tradition includes my collection of Steinbach Nutcrackers. I began collecting these amazing figurines in my twenties - it was something special that began with my grandmother. I add to the collection now and then, usually when I find a nutcracker that I just can’t live without! I have close to 30 nutcrackers and I love to display them during the holidays. Nutcrackers are already a popular holiday decoration, but it’s also my way of remembering my grandmother and our extraordinary relationship.
Peggy: The focal point of my holiday decorating is this one giant window - it’s like the eyes of my home and I love to dress it up every year with garland and a wreath. My decorating traditions probably seem a little simple to some people, but it is what makes me happy and gets me in the holiday spirit. Another decorating tradition I enjoy every year isn’t even mine - I have a good friend who uses fresh magnolia leaves to frame her front doors. Again, it’s simple but elegant. 

However you choose to decorate your home for the holidays, the important thing is to have fun and make the experience enjoyable and memorable.

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